Creating a Monthly Maintenance Record (MMR) - One at a Time

Creating a Monthly Maintenance Record (MMR) - One at a Time

Here you will learn how to create one monthly maintenance record at a time on mygroundforce:
  1. On the left side menu of the screen, click on Vehicles.
  2. Under the Vehicles menu item, click on MMR.
  3. Under the MMR menu item, click on Create.
  4. On the Create page, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to create one at a time or import multiple tractors. This article only covers the feature "Create one at a time".
If you want to import multiple tractors, please see the help article Import Multiple Tractors.

      5. Click on Create one at a time.
      6. On the Vehicle field, select the vehicle.
Vehicles need to be preregistered before they can be selected.
 For details on how to register a vehicle, see Vehicle Registry
      7. On the Month/Year field, select the month/year for which you wish to create the MMR.
      8. The Domicile Station/Hub will be automatically filled when you select the vehicle - this information will come from the current information on the Vehicle Registry.
      9. On the Service Provider Business Name field, type the name of the company which provided the service.
      10. On the Current Mileage (Odometer Reading) field, add the value of the vehicle's odometer.
      11. On the Owner (Signature) field, select the current vehicle's owner that will appear in the U.S. MMR, MGBA-355 form - Only users with profile owner can select or edit records on this field.
Owners need to be preregistered mygroundforce users with "Owner" profile before they can be selected.
 For details on how to register an owner, see Users. 
      12. Inform if there were any repairs, inspections, or preventative maintenance performed on this vehicle by selecting Yes or No.
      13. Inform if the vehicle was out of service and unable to provide service (i.e., awaiting repair, on litigation hold, etc.) by selecting Yes or No - the answer to this question can be left blank.
      14. Entry Maintenance - If there were maintenance activities performed here you can include them in the form. Here is how:
            14.a. Select the date on which the vehicle received the maintenance.
            14.b. Add the nature or a description of the maintenance performed and click on the  icon to register it. To add more maintenances for the same vehicle in one form, just repeat steps 14.a. and 14.b.
      15. If you would like to attach files (work orders, receipts, or picture, click the attachments button and select one file at a time you would like to watch. This feature is limited to upload files up to 2 MB in size and only the files formats' .PNG, .PDF, and .TXT are accepted). Once finished, click on the  icon. A pop-up will appear, click on the  icon.
After sending an MMR to an e-mail distribution list its status will be changed from "Pending" to "Sent" on the Review All screen, and you will not be able to resend it from mygroundforce. If you wish to review or resend the MMR you will have to go to the Review All screen, select the MMR using the checkbox on the left side and click on the "PDF" button, located on the right bottom corner of the screen.

You will need to click the "Save" button twice to exit this popup and have your information saved.

      16. A confirmation pop-up will appear asking you to select an e-mail distribuition list to send this MMR to.
To learn more about e-mail distribution lists, check the help article E-mail Distribution List.

      17. Click on the  icon.

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