NEW Daily Plan Tutorial

NEW Daily Plan Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use the new features of the Daily Plan.

      1. On the left side menu of the screen, click on Operations.
      2. Then, click on Daily Plan.

      3, To register a new Daily Plan click on Add

      4. Fill in all the fields, especially the mandatory ones that are highlighted in red. 

Repeat: when you click Repeat Indefinitely, the system will repeat the occurrence of the trip for the next three months. If you would like to extend this period select Until Date then choose a further date.

      5. After filling in the fields with the required information, click on Add Leg to add the data. This will include the .eg you just created in the list at the bottom of the screen.
mygroundforce considers a trip at list two runs that originate in destination A and ends in destination A. For example, a trip with two legs, from A to B, then from B to A. This trip is composed of two legs: A-B and B-A.

      6. If you only want to add only this leg, click on Save Current Leg button.
      7. If you already want to automatically add the return of this leg, just click on Save and Add Return Leg. After clicking on this button, the system will prompt you with a popup with pre-populated information to make it easier for you to add the return leg. You will only have to add the Departure Time and Arrival Date/Time.
It is not possible to change the departure date, if the trip originates at a different date, please include this trip on the next day, creating the next day's daily plan.

      8. Once this is done click on Save to confirm the creation of this Daily Plan, note that it is possible to repeat the process as many times as you want before creating the Daily Plan.

      9. Click Yes to finish.

      10. To import a Weekly Plan into your Daily Plan click on Import Weekly Plan.

      11. Now select the Weekly Plan to be imported.
      12. Click Save to complete the operation.

      13. Select here the Daily Plan Date you want to see.
Note that the subsequent date field "To " will be automatically filled with the following date.

      14. To view the Daily Plan for just one employee, use the Driver dropdown field.

      15. To change the display order of the Daily Plan or filter to see specific records, click on the Order By field and select a sorting method.

      16.  When selecting the first sorting option, it is also possible to select a second sorting option.

      17. To edit a Daily Plan, click on the pencil symbol located on the right-side of the record you want to edit.

      18. You can also click on the bold Run name to edit it.

Edit whatever is necessary and then click on one of the following options according to your need.
      19. Click Clear Form if you want to erase all information and start filling in from scratch.
      20. Click Delete to delete this leg from your Daily Plan.
      21. Click Update to update this leg with the information you edited.
      22. Click on Add Return to automatically add the return leg of this run.

      23. When updating the leg, to save it click on the Save button.

      24. Mark Yes to confirm this operation.

      25. To delete a Daily Plan, in the Actions column and in the row of the Daily Plan you want to delete, click on the trash can symbol.

      26. Read the warning carefully and choose whether to delete only this run or all its occurrences.
You are about to change and/or exclude a run that may have other registered legs with it, please check the legs and returns before you save the changes to them.
      27. Mark Yes to confirm this operation.

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