Employee Registry

Employee Registry

On the employee registry page, you can see your organization's employees' data, you can download our template to fill automatically this information, or import your own.
To Edit or see an employee's information in detail click on the button .
To Inactive an employee you can click on the button .

You can also filter by the regions you've previously created using the new "Region" filter, which displays only the active regions.
If you want to learn more about Regions, you can check Region's Feature Video

To register new employees click on "+Add" at the left top corner of the page and it will take you on the screen where is possible to fill in information about your employees:

You can also add multiple employees at once by clicking "Download Template", inserting employees' information on the template, and importing it to the system by clicking on the "Import" button.
Note that fields marked with " * " are required.

To make identification easier, there's also a filter field called ''Non-FedEx Employee.'' When checked, it enables usage within the ''Employee'' grid filter.

When creating a new driver, it will automatically generate a driver User. The username will be the FedEx ID provided during the driver's registration.
You can also include Emergency contacts for employees:

You can also fill in compliance  information about employees:
Note that if DOT Medical or CDL is expired this employee will not be available to be selected for trips in the Daily Plan feature.

Use the Payroll Settings tab to configure payroll for this employee, in case they get paid differently than the rules set on Organization Settings: 

Here we have the HR documents field, which can be accessed whenever desired. This is a way to ease and archive information you may need for this employee. These document fields can contain text files, images, or documents, allowing you to store the information and files you consider necessary for this employee.

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