mygroundforce password expired, how do I reset it?

mygroundforce password expired, how do I reset it?

Note: If the buttons "Yes" and "No" on Step 2 doesn't seem to work please follow the troubleshooting solution to clear your browser's cache on this mygroundforce academy help article -

Step 1: Attempt to log in with your username and old password:

Step 2: Select "Yes" when prompted by the following dialog box:

Step 3: Click "Ok" when prompted by the following dialog box:

Step 4: Locate the following e-mail in your inbox and click the button "Choose a new password". In case you haven't found it in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder.

Step 5: Register a new password following the safety criteria set by the system and repeat the same password. Then click "Reset password".

Step 6: Log in with your new password.

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