Maintenance Feature - Work Order - Issues - Monthly Maintenance Records (MMR)

Maintenance Feature - Work Order - Issues - Monthly Maintenance Records (MMR)



There are two new left-side menu items under Vehicles > Maintenance: Issues and Work orders.




An Issue is a maintenance item.


The system now automatically create an Issue when the maintenance item is near due - shown in yellow in Scheduled Maintenance.



Users can create an Issue manually, by clicking Add, in the Issues Screen.



These are the fields that we will have in the Issue registration.



·         Issue number – created by the system

·         Vehicle – the user can choose the vehicle

·         Description – the name assigned to the issue

·         Status – a dropdown field in which users can assign the status of an issue, and the system will automatically update it as the maintenance runs.

·         Source – the combo will have Driver Inspection, Engine Fault, Scheduled Maintenance, and User Created.

If the user wants to create a new one, click the “+” and inform the Source name.



·         Priority – High, Medium, and Low.

·         Details – the services or parts with which the mechanic will perform maintenance.

·         Attach Image – the user can attach a photo to the issue.



·         Assign – By clicking on this button, users can create a new Work Order (WO) or assign the Issue to a Work Order already created.


When users click to set the WO, the system will show the work orders with the “not complete” status for that vehicle. Users can then choose one.



On the Issues list view, you can see all Issues associated with the Entity. This screen offers filters (to narrow records) and edit and delete features.



Work Order


Users can see all the Work Orders already created on this screen, filter, edit, or delete them (this will erase the work order from the system – this action cannot be undone).



Users can Edit a Work Order in the following screen:




·         Work order number – created by the system.

·         Vehicle – the system brings from the Issue.

·         Odometer reading - when the user creates a WO, the system registers the odometer of that moment – not editable.

·         Status – Assigned, On-hold, Repaired, Resolved, Not-actionable.

·         Priority – High, Medium, and Low.

                ·          Work Order Description - A field where users will be able to place the items they want to be added to  the MMR description.

·         Maintenance responsible – the user can choose whether to assign this work order to an internal or external mechanic.

·         Assignee - If the user chooses “Internal”, the system will bring the user with the maintenance profile; If the user chooses “External”, the system will bring the mechanics inserted by clicking on the “+”:

·         Check-box with the title “Include this Work order to the MMR”; if users check this field, the system puts all work order issues into the MMR.


The user can create and send the Work Order to a external Mechanic by clicking on "Assigned +"


Users can check which issues are associated with a work order at the bottom of the screen. When users click on “Add Issue”, users can choose an Issue to add to the selected WO.


The user can update the Details and Values of a Work Order.




The update of the values ​​will be done by system users when the mechanics work internally or by external mechanics using a landing page (they will receive the link by email) that will show the same fields of the Work order edit screen.

If an external mechanic cannot update this information, users can assign another team member.


When users click the “Save” button, the system asks, “Would you like to send this Work Order to the person responsible for maintenance?”. By choosing “Yes” the system will send a link to the responsible mechanic’s registered email to access this work order.



Users can choose one or more Work Orders on the main page and send them to the mechanic. Users can also generate a pdf with the form, which users can use for the vehicle’s MMR. You can also resend the Work Order to some mechanic by clicking on "Send Work Order" .


There are two ways to view the document: the grid format containing all the work orders at the moment, which displays information about the work orders ''Grid Only'', and the document view that includes all details of the marked work order ''Document of Work Order''

Grid Only document:

Document of Work Order:


When the WO status is marked “Completed”, the system shall:


1)      Update the status (repaired), odometer, and maintenance date of the maintenance related to the completed issue.




2)      Check if the company has an MMR generated for the month for that specific vehicle. If so, the system will link the WO to that MMR. Otherwise, the system will create an MMR automatically.





In the vehicle registry, there’s now a new Tab named “Work Orders”. Users can access this tab for each vehicle to edit the Work Orders assigned to it.



New Maintenance Expense



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