Payroll Report

Payroll Report

The Payroll Report feature allows users to automate their payroll using settlement and mygroundforce data. 

In order to generate the Payroll Report, mygroundforce needs Entity Payroll Settings, Employee Payroll Settings, Settlement Data Upload, and Employees Timesheet setup correctly.

This report will show you all your employees and you will be able to approve, and add some extra, PTOs if you click on approve you will not be able to edit that employee information anymore, so check if it's all good before approving payroll. you can use the columns PTO, Other, and Reimb to enter data into the payroll report manually. The Columns Extra and Per Diem can be programmed to enter information periodically automatically in the Settings screen.

At the moment all of the PTO information on mygroundforce is merely informative and will not automate PTO pay.

Note that you can export the Payroll Report in the formats Excel, PDF, and Print.

When exporting the Payroll Report, if you click on one of the export buttons without selecting records you will export the Payroll Report Summary, without detailed information. When you enable one or more checkboxes in the Payroll Report and click on one of the export buttons, mygroundforce will display the detailed information of the employee's payroll, one file for each employee.

You can also click on the employee's name to see the detailed information about the employee's Payroll or Edit the payroll amount for each trip, as shown in the image below:

In the Non-Drivers Payroll Report tab, you can see the payroll for Non-driver employees according to their Employee Payroll Settings and Timesheet information, in case they are hourly employees. Just like the Drivers Payroll Report tab, you can use the columns PTO, Other, and Reimb to enter data to the payroll report manually. The Columns Extra and Per Diem can be programmed to enter information periodically automatically in the Settings screen.

The Pending Payroll Tab shows information from the settlement and Employees Timesheet that were not processed due to a lack of settings on mygroundforce. You can solve the exceptions by going to the Entity Payroll Settings, Employee Payroll Settings, and Employees Timesheet and making the adjustments. After the adjustments are made, you can click on the "Payroll Rerun" button to solve the Pending items.

The Payroll Exceptions tab shows you active Employees on mygroundforce Employee Registry that did not have their payroll generated, so you can go back to the system's settings to adjust their settings and Rerun Payroll.

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