Payroll Report > Drivers

Payroll Report > Drivers

  1. On the left side menu of the screen, click on Reports.

  2. In the Payroll report group, click on Payroll Report.

      3. In these fields it is possible to filter your search according to Contract ID, Payroll Date, and also by Driver's name, respectively.


The column "Miles" shows a sum of all miles a driver has driven on the selected Payroll Date reference period, including linehaul, shuttle, and spot.

      4. You can also download this payroll report in two formats, PDF or Excel file format by just clicking on the desired format. If you want to print it, just click on Print.

  It is only possible to Print the payroll report of one employee at a time.

      5. Here you can send the Payroll Report by email to individual drivers or to a Distribution List. To send the email, click on Send E-mail at the bottom right side of the page.

6. If you want to send the email,  choose one of the options and then click yes to confirm.

      7. To approve the Payroll Report, simply choose a driver and click on Approve Report located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

8. Click on Yes to confirm the action.

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